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executive is a Young, Creative, Powerful & Reliable film Production company based in Paris.

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In order to deliver a quality product, executive calls upon the best talents, thus authors, directors and technicians from the film, documentary, advertising, television and corporate industries, shaped by their experiences bringing know-how and creativity to the table. 

Based in Paris we'll be able to accommodate your needs throughout Europe, but also in the United States, Japan, South and East Africa, as our antennas and partners are located in New York, Tokyo, Capetown and Nairobi. 

As a film, advertising, digital and brand content production, we aim to ease your project using every tool and knowledge to achieve that goal. 

With us you can choose "à la carte" depending on your needs. From a one man job to building up a large crew, executive get you all you need. Our various experimented producers and technicians have evolved in the film, TV, documentary, advertising and musical sphere; working with last generation equipments and techniques.


Built around a hard core of movie and advertising's producers with tremendous and multiple qualities, their skills dedicated equally to every project, executive will always work the hardest for your films.

In details our production mainly focuses on three types of films; Institutional; brand/social content; and web/TV commercial. 

Our institutional films go from portraits to fully detailed company films and learner videos on specific topics. 

The brand and social content focuses on short films easily displayed on social platforms. Our head of social content will always make sure the pace, the structure, and everything in between is set to have the most efficient videos with powerful impact. 

As of Web and TV commercials we work on a wide budget spectrum. From small to large budget our goal is always to get the most out of what we have, using all our creativity and skills to make it great. 

For abroad Production companies that are looking for an executive production we also do scouting, provide fixers, book technicians, acquire equipments, handle permits. In short we handle full executive production if needed. We'll be your right hand, executing your needs and vision. Our experience in documentary and film will be your ally. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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  • Société de Production audiovisuelle de films et films publicitaires à Pairs. Poduction publicités TV
  • Executive est une société de production audiovisuelle basée à Paris produisant des films et spots pu
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